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M.G.R. Mold Inc. has been devoted to serving a wide variety of customers since 1980.

We are located in Sterling Heights, Michigan, where we have been since 1986.

As of June 2004 we are  ISO 9001 certified,having successfully completed the auditing process.

We are now certified as ISO 9001:2008

In June of 2010 we had our certificate renewed


We at MGR believe that a strong working relationship with our customers as well as vendors is vital to achieving parts that are on time and to customer specs.It has been a long standing practice of ours to deliver quality parts on time and at a reasonable price.We always strive to understand the customers needs,especially when new designs are involved.Our facilities are set up to design,build and run custom molds in prototype and production runs of virtually any amount in either horizontal or shuttle presses.We also have a full service tool room where we build small to medium sized molds.We do all our own tryouts in house so as to assure timely delivery of a quality product to our customers.Among our services,we do light assembly,ultrasonic welding,hot stamping and heat staking.One of our specialties has been insert molded parts.We have made a wide variety of electrical connectors,as well as overmolded sheet metal plates,rods,handles etc..We will build prototype molds or production molds for anything from simple to more complicated parts as well as intricate detailed parts.We are a custom mold maker and molder striving to suit the customers needs.


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