Meet M.G.R. Mold




Since 1980 M.G.R. Mold Inc. has been a family owned and operated company servicing a wide range of industries in support of their Injection molding, prototyping, and production run needs.



M.G.R. Mold has always stood for superior quality and client satisfaction, and our companies size allows us to keep overhead to a minimum and have uniquely competitive pricing. 



We work hard to understand our clients needs and requirements and are always available for questions, issues, or support. We work hand in hand with our clients and vendors to achieve a win/win for everyone.




At M.G.R. we are set up to design, build, and run custom molds in prototype and production runs of virtually any amount in either horizontal or vertical shuttle presses. We also have a full service tool room where we build and repair small to medium sized molds. We do all our own testing and quality control in house so as to assure timely delivery of a quality product to our clients.




M.G.R. mixes a wide range of talented dedicated people, quality resources, and technology to achieve superior results. Our employees are handpicked by the owner and are above all dedicated to delivering a high quality product on time! Our owner oversees and participates in day to day activities and decisions. With a lifetime of experience spent working for this company, he is well versed in the business, technical aspects, and overall management of the company. This company is a large part of his life, and he relies on its success for his livelihood and the livelihoods of all employees. He, more than anyone understands that parts are not just parts—they are your parts and you expect the best in service and quality!



· Custom Injection Mold Making for almost any type of plastic  parts

- Prototype molds

- Production molds

· Injection Molding

· Insert molded parts

· Light assembly

· Ultrasonic welding

· Hot stamping & heat staking

· electronic connectors

· Over-molded sheet metal, plates, rods, handles, etc.

Certifications and Awards


ISO 9001-2015 Certified